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Ph.D.'s Awarded 1979 - 2010

Theodore Foss
A Jesuit Encyclopedia for China: A Guide to Jean-Baptiste Du Halde's Description... de la Chine (1735)
Summer 1979

Joanna E. Frueh
The Rossetti Woman Winter

Kineret S. Jaffe
The Creation and Communication of Expressive Art: A Dilemma for the Romantic Artist and Audience
Winter 1981

Alcyone M. Scott
Thomas Mann and the Dionysian: Humanist on Trial
Spring 1981

Avner Cohen
Doubt, Anxiety and Philosophical Salvation: A Study of Meta-Philosophical and Psychological Themes in the History of Scepticism
Summer 1981

William W. Quinn, Jr.
The Only Tradition: Philosophia Perennis and Culture in the Writings of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy and Rene Guenon
Autumn 1981

Ellen Keck Stauder
Form Cut Into Time: Pound's Understanding of Music
Spring 1982

Anne E. Feldman
Reichardt's Lieder: A Microcosm of Emerging German Cultural Definitions of Self
Summer 1982

Margaret R. Olin
Alois Riegl and the Crisis of Representation in Art Theory: 1880-1905
Autumn 1982

Laura L. Doan
Aesthetic Reconciliation in the Age of Austerity: The Impact of the Second World War on the English Novel and Creative Arts: 1945-1965
Spring 1983

Elinor W. Gadon
An Inconographical Analysis of the Early Krsnabhakti in Gujurat Balagopalastuti
Winter 1984

Joseph Scott Lee
Humanity as Comedy in George Bernard Shaw's Plays
Winter 1984

Evelyn D. Asch
"The Unknown Public": Middle-Class Reactions to Popular Literature in Victorian Britain
Spring 1984

Elena Folkerts-Landau
The Economics of Live Opera and Ballet Performance: Theory and Application
Spring 1984

Victoria Kennick Urubshurow
Symbolic Process on the Buddhist Path: Spiritual Development in the Biographical Tradition of Milarepa
Spring 1984

Daniel M. Bluestone
Landscape and Culture in 19th-Century Chicago
Autumn 1984

William J. Hartley
Politics and Culture in Antioni Gramsci: Quaderni del carcere
Spring 1985

Mark L. Perry
The Baha'i Faith in Chicago: 1920-1040
Spring 1986

Carol Burnside
W. Robertson Smith and Louis Dumont: Fundamental Institutions and Ideology
Spring 1987

Mary Louise Doherty
A Ritual Analysis of Encounter Groups and Experimental Drama in the Sixties
Spring 1987

Tucker Edmond Landy
Mastering Nature: The Theologico-Political Origins of the Idea
Autumn 1987

Salley Promey
Spiritual Spectacles: Shaker Gift Images in Religious Context
Autumn 1988

Suzi Naiburg Asher
The Appalling Other in Henry James: A Jungian Approach to his Dreams and Fiction
Summer 1989

Leah R. Baer
Cultural Change: A Study of Changes in the Objects and Rituals of Iranian Jews
Spring 1990

Milton Eder
Pluralizing Orientalism: A Century of Bhagavad Gita Translations in Historical Perspective
Spring 1990

Ann E. Faulkner
A Study of the Episcopal Liturgy : 1949-1989
Spring 1990

Esther Schely-Newman
Self and Community in Historical Narratives: Tunisian Immigrants in an Israeli Moshav
Spring 1991

Lisa Roberts
From Knowledge to Narrative: Educators and the Changing Museum
Spring 1992

Jeffrey Kaplan
Revolutionary Millennarianism in the Modern World: From Christian Identity to Gush Emunim
Spring 1993

Margaret Cary Colarelli
Of Mind and Manner: Association and Digression in the Seasons, The Task, and the Prelude
Winter l996

Ujjval Krishnakant Vyas
The Intellectual Foundations of Philip Johnson
Summer l996

Brent Cottam Orton
Humanist, All Too Humanist: The Aestheticization of Humanity in Schiller, Nietzsche, and Mann
Summer 1997

Robert E. Somol, Jr.
Misreading the Avantgarde in Contemporary Architecture
Autumn 1997

Michael D. Phillips
Nationalism in Cultural Change in Belize
Winter 1998

Stewart L. Winger
Lincoln's Religious Rhetoric: American Romanticism and the Antislavery Impulse
Summer 1998

Roderick Luis Coover
Visualizing Cultures: The Tropologies of Montage and the Ethnographic Image
Spring 1999

Phillip M. Thompson
The Searchers: Twentieth Century Catholic Intellectuals and the Transformation of the Church's Engagement with Science and Technology
Spring 1999

Richard H. Schmitt
The Form of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus with a New Translation of Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung
Winter 2000

Christopher Lehrich
Hermetic Hermeneutics: Language, Magic, and Power in Cornelius Agrippa's De occulta philosophia
Autumn 2000

Po-Kan Chou
The Translation of The Dazhidulun: Buddhist Evolution in China in the Early Fifth Century
Autumn 2000

R. Scott Hanson
City of Gods: Religious Freedom, Immigration, and Pluralism in Flushing, Queens--New York City, 1945-2000
Spring 2002

Mary Bachvarova
From Hittite to Homer: The Role of Anatolians in the Transmission of Epic and Prayer Motifs from the Near East to the Greeks
Summer 2002

Heather Hindman
Stability in Motion: Expatriate Women in Kathmandu, Nepal
Spring 2003

Nancy Hogan
Photographing the Dead
Spring 2004

Ruth J. Chojnacki
Indigenous Apostles: Maya Catholic Catechists Working the Word in Highland Chiapas
Summer 2004

Jessica N. Buben
E=mc2: Image Equivalency and Pop-Metaphysics
Spring 2005

Elizabeth Kessler
Spacescapes: Romantic Aesthetics and the Hubble Space Telescope Images
Winter 2006

Hillel Braude
The Invisible Thread: Intuition in Medical and Moral Reasoning
Spring 2006

Rosemary Polanco
Los Hijos De Maria: Dominican Cultural Responses to HIV/AIDS in New York City
Summer 2006

Joshua Kaplan
Does Necessity Know No Bounds?: The Transnational Human Rights Movement and the Logic of the State in Israel/Palestine
Autumn 2006

Chad Redwing
Dictatorial Violence, The Body Politic and the Politics of the Body: Dismembering and Remembering in Chilean Literature, Cinema and Public Spaces
Spring 2007

Talya Salant
Bodies of Risk: Breast Cancer and the Cultural Politics of Prevention
Spring 2007

Myles Chilton
Global Cities/Urban Subjects: The Literary Rearticulation of Identity
Summer 2007

Christopher Simmons
Diffusing Authorship Into System: Thomas Harper Ince, the Emergence of the American Feature and the Incean Society Film, 1911-1924
Summer 2007

Lynn Cunningham
A Mind-Altering Substance: A Study of Symbolic Attributes of Hair
Autumn 2007

Ruth E. Friedman
"Here Comes Newer Comfort": The Transformation of Comfort from Foxe to Bunyan
Spring 2008

Hyrum La Turner
Roger Bacon's Faith in Science
Spring 2008

Neil Verma
Theater of the Mind: The American Radio Play and Its Golden Age, 1934-1956
Autumn 2008

Tanji Gilliam
That Crack In The Concrete: Hip-Hop, Politics and The Archive in Black Urban Video Culture, 1989-2004
Spring 2009

Mark S. James
Racing Thoughts: Anti-Intellectualism in the Fiction of W. E. B. Du Bois
Spring 2009

Raél Jero Salley
Unfinished Visuality: Contemporary Art and Black Diaspora, 1964-2008
Autumn 2009

Eric Elshtain
Fact, Verses, Science: Objective Poetry and Scientific Speculation in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Charles Darwin
Summer 2010

Zeke Mazur
The Platonizing Sethian Gnostic Background of Plotinus' Mysticism
Summer 2010





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